Rhinoplasty Resourcs Scars

As with any surgery, after rhinoplasty there are scars.

  • Usually, rhinoplasty scars are located inside the nose and are not a problem.
  • Sometimes, the technique of the intervention leads to leave scars in the mouth, under the tip of the nose (columella), and / or around the nostril wings at the junction with the cheeks.
  • If bone or cartilage grafts are removed, there are other scars, which are located behind the ears, in the hair, at the hip, or under the breast as appropriate.

Like all scars, rhinoplasty scars:

  • are final.
  • must be protected from the sun for at least 6 months to avoid the risk of permanent pigmentation.
  • may be red and visible for several months.
  • have an unpredictable final appearance (width, thickness, color) and should not be judged for 6 to 12 months.


It will make it possible to determine the patient’s deep motivations, his desires and the morphological and psychological result he expects from them.

The examination will make it possible to assess the defects to be corrected. The surgeon will propose the technically feasible modifications that he considers desirable (rhinoplasty of the dorsum, rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose, rhinoplasty of shortening of the nose or lengthening rhinoplasty)

Photographs will be taken.

A deviation of the partition will be systematically sought to be possibly corrected at the same time of operation.

A visit by the anesthesiologist and general examinations are necessary to search for a possible contraindication for surgery.

  • Medical photographs are always taken.
  • Special x-rays are sometimes prescribed.
  • An anesthesia consultation is mandatory several days before the rhinoplasty procedure.
  • If the intervention is not covered by social security, plan a period of professional unavailability of 1 to 2 weeks after the rhinoplasty intervention, because no sick leave can be prescribed.

The most important systematic medical instructions before a rhinoplasty are the following:

  • Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs or oral anti-coagulants in the 15 days preceding the operation, to reduce the risk of bleeding with the agreement of your doctor or cardiologist.
  • Antiseptic shampoo the day before and the day of the rhinoplasty procedure.

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Beautiful Nose From A Professional Point Of View

Since ancient times, people have tried to understand what is beautiful and why. We are well aware of the ideas of the ancient Greeks about the ideal appearance, expressed in beautiful sculptures. Look at Venus de Milo: her noble nose is completely flat, without a depression at the top, forming a straight line with her forehead.

During the Renaissance, artists closely studied the structure of the human body. They tried to create an image of an ideal person, whose proportions obey mathematical laws and correlated with the golden ratio, the ideal proportion.

You can imagine how difficult it is for a person with a nose that attracts attention. A girl may have incredibly beautiful eyes, but a young man will only look at her too long nose. Or, for example, a man whom nature has “rewarded” with an upturned nose: how can you remain decisive and strong-willed if everyone takes you for a frivolous person? This is especially important when meeting someone. After all, for some time, until a person sees your wonderful character or talents (and he may not see!), You will be for him “the one with a long nose” or “the one with a button-nose”. Very disappointing! Think of Cyrano de Bergerac, who had problems all his life because of his nose.

Nowadays, the proportions of the nose are measured and expressed in numbers.

The bridge of the nose should be located just above the eyelash line of the upper eyelid and protrude 9-14 mm forward beyond the eyelid line or be 4-6 mm deeper than the glabella line.

Of course, it is correct if the nostrils are symmetrical. They are separated by a partition called columella. She, this columella, should be 3-5 mm below the edge of the nostril.

A perfect nose doesn’t have to be completely straight. It is considered correct if there is a small, barely noticeable hump (no more than 2 mm) and a slightly raised tip of the nose.

Have you already wanted to have such a perfect nose? Take your time. Face parameters are not yet beauty. Not everything is so simple: I built it according to a ruler and – beautifully. Such a nose will fit only the same, built according to the laws of the golden section, face. But you can’t attach the entire head of an antique statue to yourself.

But there is a way out. Any artist will say: in order for the whole (in this case, the face) to look harmonious, it is not individual honors themselves that are important, but the correct proportions and ratios of parts to each other. So let’s put a bigger nose to the big face, and a smaller one to the small face. For short women, a slightly upturned nose will go, but for tall women it is completely useless – people will pay undue attention to their nostrils.

Even if we had such a crazy idea to give everyone a perfect nose, we would not have succeeded. No matter how hard we try, the noses will still turn out to be individual, let’s say more – unique.

Many professions require an attractive appearance, therefore, career sometimes depends on it. Needless to say, appearance is important for girls of top models, but there are still flight attendants and secretaries, but what can I say, everyone who has to represent and communicate with people.

Therefore, one can understand how much suffering and even tears can cause in a young girl too big a nose, or too thick, or hunchback, or snub. Such problems often give rise to complexes, a consciousness of one’s own inferiority.…

How is Rhinoplastydone

Plastic surgeons call closed rhinoplasty the least traumatic method of nose surgery. The procedure does not leave scars, since the doctor performs all actions through the nostrils, without incisions on the outside of the nose. Doctors use this technique for minor curvatures or defects.

How is open nose surgery done?

After that, he lifts the skin and performs the correction. Open rhinoplasty can correct serious defects and deformities. At the same time, a small trace remains at the base of the nose, which becomes less noticeable over time. You can remove it with the help of special cosmetics and procedures.

How to determine which nose is right for me

Before deciding on the operation, it is important to understand whether the face with the desired nose shape will be prettier. After all, there are times when after rhinoplasty people lose their individuality, become less interesting and attractive.

Do I need any preparation for such a procedure

According to the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons ,rhinoplasty requires some training. It includes:

  • Consultation with a plastic surgeon. During it, a person tells what exactly he wants to change. The doctor examines the nose, explains how realistic it is to achieve the desired result, and creates a model on which he will operate. During the consultation, it is important to ask the doctor all the questions of interest, ask about pre- and postoperative restrictions, learn about the risks and possible complications.
  • Preoperative examination, which helps to make sure that there are no contraindications. It includes laboratory blood and urine tests, electrocardiography (ECG), fluorography.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends that you do not smoke or take aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements during your preparation period, as they can impair blood clotting.

How is rhinoplasty

The doctor determines the type of anesthesia at the preoperative consultation, focusing on the complexity of the procedure.

Depending on the type of access, the surgeon makes incisions inside or outside the nose and performs tissue correction based on the 3D model.

At the end of the procedure, the doctor sutures, fixes the nose with special tampons or splints / septal splints (silicone plates that follow the shape of the nose) and a plaster cast.

How is the recovery going, and when is the result visible

It is the recovery after rhinoplasty that raises the greatest number of questions. Patients want to know how quickly the traces of the intervention disappear, when it is possible to return to their usual way of life and, most importantly, when the result is visible.


Depending on the general condition, the patient stays in the clinic for 1 night or leaves for home the same day. This time is enough to move away from anesthesia and gain strength. The subsequent recovery takes place at home. During this period, nosebleeds may occur, so it is important to stay in touch with your doctor to inform him of your condition.

It is important to understand that after rhinoplasty, swelling persists for 2-3 weeks on the face, and the final result cannot be evaluated (according to the data of plastic surgeons ). If, after this time, the patient notices that the new nose does not correspond to the 3D model at all, it is necessary to inform the doctor about this. In this case, he will perform revision rhinoplasty.…